We're doing our best to serve you while complying with government mandates and protecting the health and wellbeing of all staff and members.

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PHASE 4 RE-ENTRY GUIDE (Updated Jan 19, 2021)

We're excited to welcome you back to our clubs!

On Tuesday January 19, 2021 our region re-entered Phase 4 of the Restore Illinois Plan. This page is your go-to resource for FitClub's Phase 4 Plan. Below you'll find all you need to know about our modified club operations and safety-related questions.

Please feel free to read our entire guide, or to skip to the section most important to you by clicking the buttons below!
We're re-starting as much as possible in Phase 4. Scroll down to see what's coming back immediately, and what will be on hold a little while longer.
Things will look a little bit different when you return. Read about the changes we're making to our clubs to keep you safe!
Do you need to wear a mask? Are there any new rules? Read this section for our new policies designed to protect members and staff.


Back In Action!

  • CLUB ACCESS: All locations are open again for general member access!
  • GROUP CLASSES*: Group exercise classes are back inside, with capacity restrictions and limited schedules
  • GROUP TRAINING*: Group Personal Training is back inside, with capacity limits and limited schedules
  • POOLS*: All pools are open for classes and general use
  • PERSONAL TRAINING*: Our trainers are ready to help you get back on track or hit that next milestone. Virtual and in-person options available.
  • ​ FITCLUB VIRTUAL LIVE STREAMING: It never went away, and it won't be going anywhere! Live streaming is here to stay, so if you want to keep distancing, you can sweat it out at home! Keep an eye on our schedules for the latest programming information as we transition to streaming our in-club offerings.
  • ​Child Care*: Child care is back at ALL CLUBS with modified schedules. Reservations are required (90 minutes max).
  • ​​24 Hour Access: 24 hour access is back at North!
*Reservation Required

On Pause A Little While Longer...

  • Saunas, Steamroom, and Spas: Due to public health guidelines these amenities will be paused until further notice.



UPDATED HOURS - ALL LOCATIONS (As of January 18, 2021)

All FitClub locations are open for general access during Phase 4! With our re-entry to Phase 4, we have EXPANDED hours at FitClub South and West as follows:
Monday-Friday 5:30am - 8:30pm 
 Saturday 7:00am - 4:00pm
  Sunday 8:00am - 4:00pm
FitClub North is open 24/7!
Clubhouse Hours: Kid's clubhouse childcare hours have also been expanded for ALL Locations. Reservations are required, but may now be made for 90 minute intervals!
Monday-Friday 8:00am - 12:00pm; 4:00pm - 6:30pm
 Saturday 8:00am - 12:00pm


Reservations will NOT be required for general club access (classes and pool usage will require reservation), but club capacity will be limited to 50% of occupancy. Club capacity will be available in real-time at the top of this page.


Members will be required to wear a mask during check-in, which may be removed only during vigorous exercise (see Part 4 for full details). 

Members will be required to participate in a health check upon arrival. This check includes a contactless (infrared) temperature screening and verification that the member is symptom free. Once the health screening is complete, members will scan in utilizing their FitClub key tag or check-in tile of their FCV mobile app.

All members are also required to check out as they exit the facility to allow us to monitor club capacity at all times.


Facilities will be equipped with floor signage to promote optimal traffic patterns and spacing. 

Equipment will be spaced 6 feet apart whenever practical. Signs will be clearly visible that indicate adjacent pieces are not to be used concurrently if a minimum of 6 feet separation cannot be maintained. 

Drinking fountains will be marked out of service, we have installed bottle filling stations at all locations which may be used during this time.

Per IDPH regulations, saunas, steam rooms, and spas will be marked out of service.

Locker rooms will have capacity reduced to promote distancing. Shower access will be modified to facilitate a minimum of 6 feet social distancing. Lockers available for day use will be clearly marked, and we ask members to only use these lockers. These lockers will be disinfected nightly, and any items left overnight will be discarded.

Social areas will be limited and re-arranged to avoid people congregating. Lounge tables will be limited to one person or household, and must be disinfected between patrons. Internet cafes will be temporarily closed. 

Ample disinfection stations will be placed throughout the clubs, and will include EPA registered products for disinfection such as gym wipes, spray bottles with paper towels, and hand sanitizer.

Each club's pro shop will remain open. For convenience and to minimize contact, members will be asked to use their credit card on file or charge to account for in club purchases.


Signage will be placed upon cardio machines that will be out of use each day to promote social distancing. Available cardio will be rotated to allow thorough disinfection. 

Strength training equipment and machines will be available, but members will be required to avoid exercising on adjacent machines where 6 feet of distance is not possible.

All machines and equipment must be wiped down before and after use.


During Phase 4, we are taking facility cleaning extremely seriously. We're upping our coverage to include hourly disinfection of showers and shower areas, hourly disinfection of all restrooms and high touch surfaces, and cleaning and sanitizing our studios between classes.

We'll also be designating employees to specific zones of the clubs during busy hours to monitor social distancing, enforce new rules and protocols, and to disinfect all equipment after member use.



All studios have had capacity limits adjusted based upon social distancing formulas. Members will be required to observe 6 feet of social distance during all class activities, and no shared equipment will be used during classes. Yoga mats and other equipment that is difficult to thoroughly disinfect between classes will not be offered at this time, and participants will be asked to bring their own or purchase one for personal use in our pro shop.

To assist in social distancing, all studios will have floor markers placed throughout the space for optimal distancing. We ask that members always start class on these markers and reset to them during any pauses.


New Phase 4 class schedules are now available within FitClub Virtual. Each offering will have a capacity limit based upon the activity performed and the location of the activity to ensure social distancing. This capacity limit will be clearly displayed for each event. 


Due to the possibility of reaching our maximum capacity, we will be requiring reservations for ALL FitClub classes and general pool usage (lap swimming and therapy pool access). Members can reserve access to any class or resource by selecting the appropriate schedule and clicking on their desired event within the FitClub Virtual App or web portal. Don't have FitClub Virtual yet? Email us to request access today!

Reservations may be made within 48 hours of the scheduled start time. Once an event is at capacity, members will still be able to add their name to the "Wait list." If an event at capacity experiences an opening due to cancellation, all members on the wait list will be notified immediately. The open spot will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Based upon member feedback, there will be no restrictions placed upon the number of classes a member may attend. However, due to limited capacity, we will be enforcing a "Missed Appointment" fee if a member with a reservation fails to show up to their reservation. See below for more details.

To prevent crowds from gathering before classes, we ask that you please do not show up more than 10 minutes early to your reserved class or pool time. 


Because capacity is reduced during phase 4, FitClub reserves the right to assess a $5 missed appointment fee if a member does not attend a reservation for class or pool usage. This is not meant to be punitive, but rather to encourage members to only reserve spots they can commit to attending. Due to our wait list capabilities, we ask that members who will be unable to make a scheduled reservation cancel as soon as they become aware that they have a conflict, so another member may claim their spot.

Members will be able to cancel their reservation until two hours prior to the scheduled start time without incurring a missed appointment fee. Any reservations cancelled with less than two hours notice or missed reservations will result in the $5 charge being assessed. This policy is intended to ensure any members on the wait list have enough time to make arrangements to attend the class.

Reservations may continue to be booked up until the scheduled start time, but any reservations made within the final two hours must be attended to avoid incurring a missed appointment fee.

If a reservation is cancelled due to the onset of COVID-19 symptoms before your reservation, no fee will be assessed, even if the cancellation occurs within 2 hours of the scheduled reservation. Please specify that COVID-19 symptoms were the reason for your cancellation and follow up with a team member to ensure you are not charged. We ask that any members experiencing COVID-19 symptoms (who have not tested positive for COVID-19) wait until they are symptom free for at least 72 hours or receive a negative COVID-19 test result before returning to FitClub.

All confirmation emails for reservations subject to this policy will include information about this policy to ensure member awareness.



While we are restarting almost all of our club offerings, we will still continue to offer the same amazing schedule of LIVE virtual classes!

Plus, FitClub Virtual will be your main resource for making reservations, checking club capacity, and tracking your progress as you start coming back to the club! Don't have FitClub Virtual? Email us to request access today!


One-on-one training will continue as normal, subject to social distancing requirements. For those clients who prefer, virtual training will continue to be available. Aquatic personal training will also remain available.

If you are not currently a client, but are interested in personal training, Please email us if you want more details!


Group Personal Training will resume at all clubs effective January 19, 2021. If you are a Group Personal Training client, you may make reservations for any session within FitClub Virtual. We will continue to offer some virtual sessions as well, for our members who are more comfortable continuing in a virtual setting.

In person sessions will be set up to facilitate a minimum of 6 feet between participants at all times and avoid equipment sharing between participants. Capacity may also be limited beyond normal depending on the space in which the session is being conducted.

FitClub Virtual will have a "Wait List" for any sessions that reach capacity. Clients are encouraged to sign up for the wait list if their desired session is full. If a session at capacity experiences an opening due to cancellation, all members on the wait list will be notified immediately. The open spot will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Due to limited capacity, sessions will be redeemed for any member who cancels with less than two hours notice or members who do not show up to a scheduled session. Clients on an "unlimited plan" will be also subject to the missed appointment fee.


Goal Reassessments will be available to all members in Phase 4, including an InBody assessment. Please contact your success coach or trainer, or click here email our team if you'd like to set up a session.


The health and safety of our FitClub Family is our #1 priority. We're taking measures that align with industry best practices and adhere to both requirements and recommendations of public health officials to keep you safe. You should ALWAYS feel safe in our clubs, and we're taking every possible step to make sure you do. Here's a list of the new rules and protocols we're put in place for members and staff.


  • Face Coverings: Face coverings will be mandatory for all members. Face coverings must be worn unless vigorously exercising, while in the pool, or in the wet area of the locker rooms. Face coverings removed during exercise should be kept on your person at all times. Face coverings will be available for purchase for $2 if a member forgets to bring one, but will be limited to one purchase per member per visit.
  • ​Social Distancing: Members will be expected to observe social distancing measures including observing floor signs that indicate dedicated waiting areas for high-traffic zones, spacing markers in group studios, and directional arrows for high-traffic or confined walking lanes. Members will also be expected to avoid contact and maintain six feet of distance whenever practical with anyone outside of their household.
  • ​Spotting and "Working in": Spotting will be allowed in our free weight areas to reduce injury risk. Spotters will be required to wear a face covering and should avoid contact as much as possible. "Working in" on the same piece of equipment between sets is discouraged among members from different households, and should only be done if both members observe 6 feet of distance at all times and thoroughly disinfect the equipment before any after use.
  • ​Temperature Checks: All members will be required to consent to a contactless (infrared) temperature reading. Any members with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees fahrenheit will not be allowed to work out, and will be required to wait at least 72 hours before making another reservation.
  • ​Symptom-Free: All members will be required to be free from all COVID-19 symptoms for at least 72 hours prior to entering any FitClub facility. All reservations will require a member to certify that they are symptom free at time of booking and to agree to cancel their reservation if they develop symptoms prior to their reservation. Cancellations made within 2 hours of reservation time due to symptoms emerging will not be subject to a missed appointment fee.
  • Dress for Success: Whenever practical, we ask that members come dressed in proper workout attire to reduce traffic in our locker room areas. If a member must change in the locker room, we ask that they follow locker room protocols and maintain a minimum of 6 feet of social distance at all times.
  • ​COVID-19 notification: All members must agree to notify FitClub as soon as practical if they receive a positive test result for COVID-19 within 14 days of visiting FitClub.
  • ​Disinfection: All areas of the gym will be equipped with disinfecting wipes and/or bottles with cleaning solutions and paper towels. Hand sanitizer will also be available. Members will be required to wipe down all equipment before and after use, and are strongly encouraged to use hand sanitizer or wash hands frequently.


  • Face Coverings: Face coverings will be required at all times while indoors, except when exercising. Instructors may remove their face covering while teaching or recording a live streaming class, provided they are able to ensure a minimum of 6 feet of social distance at all times. 
  • ​Gloves: Disposable gloves are required during cleaning, while performing temperature checks or any action that could inadvertently cause contact with another person, or when handling cash transactions.
  • ​Social Distancing: ​Physical separation of at least 6 feet will be enforced wherever practical, including during one-on-one training sessions.
  • ​Temperature Checks: All members will be required to consent to a contactless (infrared) temperature reading. Any members with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees fahrenheit will not be allowed to work out, and will be required to wait at least 72 hours before making another reservation.
  • ​Symptom surveys: All employees will be required to complete a symptom survey (including temperature check) prior to beginning each shift and again after 4 hours for any shift that is over 5 hours in length.
  • Workstations: ​Shared resources will be eliminated where possible, and disinfection will be required between uses for those that remain.
  • ​Proper Hygiene:​ Frequent hand washing and use of hand sanitizer is strongly encouraged. Employees are also expected to disinfect shared resources before and after their shift.
  • ​COVID-19 Exposure: Any staff member who has been in contact with someone who then received a positive COVID-19 test within 14 days will be asked to notify public health authorities and to comply with their instructions. Such staff members will not be expected to report to work until they have been cleared by a medical professional.


  • Face Coverings: Vendors will be required to wear face coverings at all times while inside FitClub locations.
  • ​Temperature Checks: All vendors seeking entry to a FitClub facility will be required to consent to a contactless (infrared) temperature reading. Any vendors with a temperature exceeding 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit will not be allowed entry.
  • ​Record Keeping: All vendors are required to clearly state their name, company, and purpose for entering FitClub facilities before being granted allowed entry.
  • Limit Contact: All vendors will be required to avoid members and limit contact with staff to necessary interactions only.
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